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Meditation and relationships: Interrelating the Two


meditation and relationshipsHow can a relationship borne out of love crumble? No, it’s not because of the explosive arguments. Neither is it because of the huge rifts that become irreparable. It’s the small things that we gloss over, not realizing that they slowly cause the deterioration of your relationship. This is why meditation and relationships blend well together; the former assures the pursuit of the latter’s best.

At the start of every relationship, we constantly guard ourselves, constantly putting our best foot forward. It is when you go further into the relationship that sarcasm starts to creep into our choice of words. We no longer hold back, and aren’t quite careful about what we’re saying. It’s not that we love our partners less; it’s just that we’ve become a little too comfortable, so to speak.

This carelessness comes at a great price, as the trust in each other lessens and respect is diminished simply because of what we say.

Meditation and relationships: Interrelating the Two

This is exactly why just a little bit of meditation can be such an important tool in maintaining a healthy relationship. It will not make you magically love each other more, but it will make you both mindful of the little things that can undermine a relationship, so that you can start taking an active part in your life, rather than watching it unravel from the sidelines as if you had no say in it. And that means you can start living the life you love, with the person you want to love in it.

The little things that you start to pick up on, and that your partner picks up on just as quickly, don’t seem important enough to bring to your partner’s attention, but they still chip away at you. Even worse, they don’t go away. They layer up, little by little, until one day you wake up feeling not so special anymore. And then you do what we all do. You lash out. Usually at some seemingly unrelated issue that acts as a release valve for how you’ve been feeling.   (More here)

These little things tend to build up, until they become too impossible to ignore. Before we know it, we end up spouting all the comments we’ve held on to, and the slow death of a relationship begins

Consider the benefits of meditation: you will have an increased sense of self-awareness, which will ultimately help you act not out of instinct or self-preservation, but out of love and compassion. You will let go of your carelessness and stop the nagging feeling that you must always have the last word.

Meditation, contrary to what you possibly think, is not about burning incense or contemplating for days on end. It can be as easy as committing to a few minutes’ worth of meditating every day before starting the long day ahead. You will not realize it at once, but you will recognize your stress levels significantly go down. You will then turn off any automatic response that causes a careless comment and prompt you to act out of love every time, all for the betterment of your relationship.

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