How To Meditate

Meditation: Sit Still and See What Happens


This is a great article for beginners because it doesn’t make meditation techniques sound so complicated. People meditate all the time without even trying, so how hard could it be right? I think the hardest thing about it is making the time, on a regular basis. If you can do that and make it like just another activity in your day, then the rest is easy.

You never know who in the neighborhood is meditating. Maybe it’s time for you to start. You know you’re on the right track for writing your column on wellness and community when you’re eating lunch in your local neighborhood coffee shop and someone

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If you want to get started using a meditation technique, pick a reasonable time, set your phone to alert you at that time and then, go for 5 minutes and just breath. Lots of thoughts will crash through your head at first, but if you do this everyday you will notice it takes less time to quiet down.

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