Meditation Techniques And Spiritual Sexuality

meditation techniques for spiritual sexuality

We get a lot of questions about meditation techniques and spiritual sexuality.

I went searching for good articles on spirituality and sexuality and meditation and came up with this nice article from Jim over at Spiritual Awakening Process.

Meditation Techniques And
Spiritual Sexuality

meditation techniques for spiritual sexuality

Scientific American reports on brain scans that show deep meditation and orgasm have some very powerful simularities

I’m offering a couple about spirituality and sexuality. It’s probably one of the most under-appreciated aspects of mainstream spirituality. It isn’t about finding some new way to titillate yourself (although it can be amazing), and it certainly has nothing to do with denying or abusing aspects of your body. Spiritual sexuality is ultimately about oneness and experiencing that oneness within your own energy body. That can be done with or without a partner, and I know that idea is a revelation for some of you. Both the spiritual sexual experience with and without a physical partner can be deeply moving, healing, and pleasurable. Here are the blogs where I like to start people in orienting to this incredible space that we all can enjoy.

It’s All About Sex

Blog #1:Spiritual Sexuality: Meeting and Igniting Your Creative Powers

This is an excellent blog post to help people who are new to the concept of spirituality and sexuality. I lay down a lot of foundation to help people understand what it is. Even if you think you already know what it is, I’d encourage you to read this one first before moving on to the other sexuality posts.

Blog #2:Healing Sexual Dysfunction: Abstinence and Self Denial

To date, this has been my most popular blog post. It obviously struck a chord. Deep down, I think we all know that total abstinence with no sexual interaction with even ourselves is dysfunctional, and the general lack of partnered-sex that goes on for many people isn’t healthy either. This blog takes on more issues around sexual shame, which is a terrible thing to have weighing down our energy bodies. There’s nothing good about shame. It’s one of the lowest and heaviest energy forms out there, and it crushes so many people. A personal sexual practice can be challenging if you have a lot of shame, but the freedom you get from a regular practice to clear that shame will be equally immense.

Blog #3:Awakening Your Sexuality

In this post, I start to get into some of the ways of being with a spiritual sexual practice. Setting up a framework around this kind of spiritual work is really important. This is where I reinforce for men the difference between orgasm and ejaculation–this tends to be a big sticking point. It also shows for guys that this process is pretty different than your average 5 minutes in the shower masturbating session. Actually, some practices recommend that you learn how to be with your body for at least 25 minutes before orgasm. I’ve found that you need a certain length of time and breathwork before you really get the energy body open and flowing, which allows for a large orgasm (essentially orgasm is an energy release–not just a bunch of muscles spasming together).

Transformation and Spiritual Sexuality
I hope these posts give you a little bit of a foundation to building a personal spiritual sexual practice. It’s a beautiful thing to create, and it makes lots of amazing space to share with a partner. But take it slow. This energy is life-creating and life-changing. It’s not a silly toy to have fun with, so be prepared for your life to shift as you delve deeply into this transformative space. Original here.

There you have it.

A brief look at meditation techniques and spiritual sexuality.

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