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Meditation Techniques Help us Cope with a Noisy and Stressful World


Christian Meditation Techniques have been used for centuries just like Buddhist and Jewish meditations which I feature here on this site whenever possible. It doesn’t seem to matter which techniques are actually used, we are drowning in chaos everyday and we NEED to escape the pressure of it or we are bound to crack under it.

This month there was a conference in town about Christian Meditation. Now, these two words are not often thought of together. Usually we think of meditation in the context of new age yoga studios, or Buddhist monasteries. However, the practice of

When I meditate it does take time to let the dust settle and really get deep into the practice, but the first few moments when I close my eyes and take those first deep breaths and I can feel the initial waves of relaxation go through my body, I know I am doing something beautiful for myself.

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