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Meditation Techniques Can Reduce Your Stroke Risk 47 Percent

meditation techniques can reduce your stroke risk 47 percent

Here’s another big reason to learn to meditate.  Meditation techniques can reduce your stroke risk by 47 percent according to researchers at The Medical College Of Wisconsin.

Let’s put this 47% figure in context.

meditation techniques can reduce your stroke risk 47 percent

Learning simple meditaion techniques that take as little as 10 minutes a day can have a powerful effect on your health and happiness.

Dr. Theodore Kitchen, Professor of Medicine tells us that this effect is as large, or larger than the effect of taking the best drugs your doctor can give you.  When you consider the expense of these pharmaceutical treatments, and the severe side effects many people suffer, learning meditation to reduce your risk of stroke is even more compelling.

Learning the techniques of meditation can help people to reduce their risk of having a stroke, it is claimed.

Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin followed more than 200 patients at risk of stroke due to a narrowing of the arteries, with half being taught transcendental meditation.

The results showed that those who meditated regularly reduced their risk of having a stroke by 47 per cent, compared to the control group.

Professor of medicine Theodore Kotchen said that the results were very promising, but he was quick to point out that meditation should complement, not replace, traditional care.

He explained: “The effect is as large or larger than major categories of drug treatment for cardiovascular disease.

“However, subjects were already taking standard medications and this effect was on top of that.”

This news comes after separate research, reported in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association, revealed that “motivational interviews” can improve the mood of people who are recovering from a stroke.  read the original here

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When you consider that something as safe and easy to do as these meditation techniques can reduce your stroke risk 47 percent, it really does remind us all that the mind and body are connected in powerful and healthy ways.



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