Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques of the Dalai Lama


Are you in search of an activity to help you ease pain and sickness? Are you in dire need of a specialized meditation technique to enjoy inner peace? Then you should check out the meditation tips and hints of the great Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama.

Dalai Lama Basic Instructions to Jumpstart Meditation

First, check on your posture. Put your legs in a comfortable position and straighten your backbone. Put your hands in a meditative position with your four fingers resting below your navel. Your right hand should always be on top with your thumbs forming a triangular shape. Why do you have to position your hands and body like this? This creates a connection with your inner body to generate energy. For more of the Dalai Lama’s daily techniques check out

Bend your neck a little, with your mouth and teeth closed. Your tongue should touch the roof of your mouth near the upper teeth. Gaze downward with eyes open but not too wide. If you noticed that they naturally close at times, that is just fine. When you achieve a steady state of mind or are focused on a specific object, eye movement will not affect you.

The Dalai Lama shares his meditation techniques using objects. Check out and


Meditation Using External Objects 

If you are doing meditation with an object, you can use two different kinds. It can be either internal or external. How do you differentiate these two?

Instead of meditating using your mind itself, focus on an external object. Many practitioners use figurines of Buddha or a cross as their main attraction. It is up to you. Choose one that is most suitable for you and would make an impact on you. Think of it as something big, about four feet tall, or at the same level as your eyebrows. The item should be at least 2 inches high and emanate light. Think of it as something heavy to stay grounded. As you try to focus, think of two goals – make the object clear and keep it steady.


Did you notice something? Were you able to get a picture inside your mind? Is the object bothering you? If yes, close your eyes. Did something color red appear? If so, then you are too involved with eye consciousness. You have to loosen that up and focus more mentally.



It is not just enough to be stable. You must have clarity. Excessive withdrawal causes laxity and prevents clarity. Lack of clarity will  eventually cause declination. If the mind becomes too relaxed you will progress to lethargy. You will lose focus on the object you are observing. This can even make participants go into sleep. If this happens, you need to boost your awareness. Stimulate yourself again by thinking of things that you like the most.

Focus on the object with mindfulness. Make sure you see it clearly and keep it stable. Once you achieve a steady mind , introspection comes to life. With these two combined, you can be at a balanced state. Not too much laxity and stimulation – just a perfect blend.


Meditation Using Internal Objects

Another kind of meditation is concentrating using the mind alone. You have to keep your mind in a natural state. Never entertain thoughts that happened in the past or any of your future plans. Stay in the moment. Can you tell where your consciousness is right now? Is it on your eyes? Most would say yes as this is the sense we often use for awareness. But the desired state of your mind can also established with steady practice.

At first, this will be challenging, but in time, it will feel natural. Your mind will have clear thoughts. Do not allow extraneous thoughts to flow in.

This technique is best done every morning in a quiet area. Avoid eating too much the night before and oversleeping in the morning. It will make your mind sharper and lighter. Observe if this makes your mind more alert the whole day.

You will begin to feel extremely calm as this is one of its immediate benefits. As you continue to practice you will start to develop more balanced perceptions. These new perceptions will give you a  new level of understanding. Long term benefits include a higher level of alertness.



Alternative Nostril Breathing

The video, Breathing Meditation by Dalai Lama on, demonstrates a method of shifting negative thoughts into positive ones. When you improve your level of concentration and energy,  you uplift your entire well-being.

To activate Moon Breathing, you must stand with your left leg forward. If you are lying down, you should be lying on your right. Put your right hand under your head and your left hand on your stomach. Your left leg must always be on top of the right. This activates the left nostril, which we call Moon breathing.

To activate breathing on the right nostril or Sun Breathing, we do the exact opposite. Stand with your right foot forward or lay down flat on your left. Put your left hand under your head and right hand on your stomach. This time, the right leg must be on top of the left.


Never force the breathing. Let it flow naturally. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine erect and shoulders relaxed. Place you left hand on your lap.  With your little finger and thumb of your right hand, close your left and right nostrils.

Continue breathing from each nostril alternately. Wait for 7 heart beats for inhalation then stop a second for retention. Another 7 heart beats for exhalation, then another second of retention. Do this 7 times daily in the morning.




Zen is also one of most ancient forms of meditation practiced by Dalai Lama.  This is actually a ritual. According to, Buddhist monks would practice a tea ceremony.  The tea is only consumed once you are ready to meditate. The tea contains a small amount of caffeine that contributes to a soothing effect.

Zen allows you to gain more insights through observation and interacting with a facilitator. Sometimes chanting is present. Zen focuses more on the insights of Buddhist teachings.


These meditation techniques of the Dalai Lama work at the mind level. They help people keep their ideas steady, thus improving concentration and control. Dalai Lama follows Buddhism teachings. With meditation, you can achieve salvation and you will witness Nirvana.

As with other kinds of meditation, these techniques help boost attention and relaxation. You will start to manifest your inner strength. Meditation controls the mind and improves concentration. It removes stress, helps you multi-task and make good decisions. Start your journey today!

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