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Meditation Techniques: Deepak Chopra Creates Meditation Game For XBox

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Deepak Chopra creates meditation game for Xbox.

Instead of  realistic war simulations, shooting gallery adventures, death races, Deepak Chopra wants you to activate your chakras in this Xbox Game. Deepak chopra creates meditation game for xbox

Spiritual leader Deepak Chopra is hoping gamers will instead choose to chill out with “Leela,” his ambitious new effort to combine gaming and meditation.

“I personally believe that you can accelerate neural development and biological evolution through video games,” said Chopra. “Unfortunately, that’s not what we’re doing right now. What we’re doing is creating addictions to violence, adrenaline and mindlessness, rather than mindfulness. That was my personal motivation to get involved in this medium.”

“Deepak Chopra’s Leela” from THQ Inc. will use the Xbox 360 console’s controller-free, camera-based Kinect system to detect users’ bodies, then guide them through meditation exercises. (An edition for Nintendo’s Wii requires players to hold a controller.) “Leela,” which translates to “play” in Sanskrit, is less of a game and more of an experience, though there are a few gameplay elements.

Seven different interactive exercises based on the seven “chakras,” the points along the body that Chopra says serve as energy centers, task players with moving their bodies to control graphics onscreen set to a soothing soundtrack. The mini-games increase in difficulty, but “Leela” places no importance on a final score or even finishing the exercises.

The root chakra exercise, for example, directs players to tilt their hips to seed a virtual planet, while the heart chakra exercise uses players’ hands to harness fireballs that release gems imbedded in descending rocks. Peter Armstrong, director of product development at THQ, said transforming Chopra’s teachings into gameplay was a difficult endeavor.

“We wanted to make sure each of the movements was fun and replayable,” said Armstrong. “That’s why we did more than 500 prototypes. We took the teachings and tried to boil them down. We would show those to Deepak and some of his experts, but there were several instances where they just didn’t work. They just didn’t quite fit the meaning of that chakra.”

Armstrong said the developers had the toughest time wrapping their heads around the throat chakra. At first, the game makers wanted to craft a mini-game that would take advantage of Kinect’s vocal recognition capabilities, but Chopra instead steered the game makers toward creating a fluid experience that would be more about communicating than screeching.

One of the guided meditative modes uses Kinect’s depth sensor to measure seated players’ breathing patterns. The result is displayed onscreen as three undulating bars. As players move their chest, the soothing voice of yoga instructor Elena Brower provides instruction on how to control breathing. It’s the first such use of the technology in a Kinect game.   Read more:

Now personally, I am all in favor of video games.  It’s proven that they have a lot of benefits to your mind and brain, including faster reaction times, better decision making, improved eye-hand coordination, even improved reading skills.

I sincerely hope this game is a success.  Imagine gamers taking a break from their thrill and kill games to improve their breathing, open a heart chakra, perhaps gain greater access to their own inner wisdom.  That’s a game too, eh?

Deepak Chopra creates meditation game for Xbox is my favorite headline on this site this month!

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