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Meditation Techniques – Five Elements And The Feminine Divine Meditation – Video

Carol Sill - Five Elements and the Feminine Divine meditation


Carol Sill - Five Elements and the Feminine Divine meditation

Carol Sill has been teaching meditation and spiritual practices for many years.

Carol Sill has been teaching meditation techniques, spiritual practices, and a practical version of ancient spiritual wisdom for three decades.  This video will teach you how to meditate using the Five Elements And The Feminine Divine Meditation.

This meditation is not just for women.  Anyone who wants more connection and more balance with the feminine qualities of gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, caring, compassion, tolerance, nurturance, intuition, (and many more) will find this meditation using the five elements to enhance and express their divine feminine nature.

Five Elements And The
Feminine Divine Meditation



The five elements in our Western tradition are –

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Ether

Five Elements Theories Are 7000 Years Old

There are Vedic texts written 7000 years ago that mention Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and acupuncture (needle therapy) as ways of treating illness. The Ayurvedic School has a very complete teaching on the five elements that survives and is practiced to this day. The Ayurvedics regard the five elements as earth, water, fire air, and ether.


represents a solid state of matter and stands for substance, stability, rigidity and fixedness. Earth is considered a stable substance.


represents change and movement, dissolution, purification, transportation and temperature regulation. It is considered a substance without stability.


represents the power of transformation. It is the sun’s firepower that initiates all energy cycles on earth. It transforms solids into energy or liquids and liquids to gas. It metabolizes food into energy, warms the body, creates impulses of the nervous system, and regulates the feelings, and thought processes. Fire is form with out substance.


is the gaseous form of matter, which is mobile and dynamic. Air can respond to heat and cold. It has volume. We can feel its movement. It is responsible for oxidation and all energy transfers, if we are cut off from air for more that a few minutes, we recognize that it is completely vital to life. It is the element that distinguishes life from death. Air is existence without form.


is the space in which everything happens. Ether is distance which separates matter. If we consider the molecular model and the vast spaces responsible for maintaining the dynamic organization we call matter, we can really appreciate the genius of the ancient scientists who were able to distinguish ether from air.

The ancient Ayurvedics organized the five elements earth, water, fire, air, and ether in a system called the Doshas. Doshas are primary life forces or biological humors created from the pairing of two of the five elements to create three dynamic interactions. The word Dosha means “that which changes.” It is meant to show that the elements are constantly in motion and at the same time maintain a dynamic balance. The word Dosha also means “that which darkens” or “spoils” which refers to the disease that can occur when the elements become out of balance.  You can read more here.


I have been encouraging Carol to create a guided meditation version of her Five Elements And The Feminine Divine Meditation where she guides you through each of the five elements.

If you are interested in this guided version by Carol, please leave a comment below.

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