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Meditation techniques for a busy summer

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guided meditation techniques fo a busy summer

All the blessings and distractions of summer are upon us. Can you suggest your best meditation techniques fora busy summer?

With all the distractions and blessings of summer rushing into our lives, I’d like you to consider meditation techniques for a busy summer.

I found this charming little article about meditation and summer’s distractions over at Ann  The author, Susan Scott Morales is a meditation teacher, psychotherapist, published poet, novelist. Check out her her website:

Here’s an excerpt that will give you ideas of keeping your meditation practice consistent and strong during the summer.

I have to make plans to keep my meditation practice active. For one, I resist the temptation to jump into the garden first thing in the morning, reminding myself it will still be there when I’m done. Sometimes my meditations even give me solutions for a problem I’m working on in the yard.

What if the kids are home, though, and you can’t get a moment’s peace? My first suggestion is to get up earlier than the rest of the family, go outside and meditate there. If that isn’t feasible, how about meditating with the children?

When my 4 year-old grandson awakes, he is at his sweetest, most cooperative self. One morning after he had spent the night, he ran into my room and found me meditating. I invited him up onto my lap. As he snuggled into me, I enjoyed the smell of his hair, the warmth of his little arms. Yes, it was a shorter meditation than usual, but very satisfying.
Read the rest of the article here, she has a great trip on travelling

How about you?  Do you find it more challenging to find time to meditate during the summer?  If you, dear reader, have any particular meditation techniques for a busy summer we’d love for you to share them in the commnets

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