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Meditation Techniques For Beginners Video

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What are the best choices when suggesting meditation techniques for beginners Video is very helpful.  Simplicity is essential. But for me, what really makes for the best meditation techniques for beginners is a method that delivers the benefits fast.meditation techniques for beginners video

It’s the delivery of quick benefits to the beginner meditator that is most likely to engage the beginner enough to help him or her sustain their enthusiasm long enough to build the habit of regular meditation.

And that is why I often suggest a meditation that does NOT require (at the start anyways) the strong mental focus that beginners believe is required for meditation.

In this video that explains meditation techniques for beginners, Kavita Maharaj explains one of the most common insight (Vipassana) meditation techniques.  I suggest that you watch this short video.  Then right after the video ends, before you do anything else …. just close your eyes and let your thoughts and feelings flow by … and you just be a silent, non-judgemental witness to that flow of feelings, sensations, thoughts, and emotions……  Don’t extend the session…. just be with yourself for short time.

You don’t have to sit any special way, or hold any special posture, or breath in any way other than what is natural to you.  Just close your eyes, watch, and be, right where you are now.



Was this particular meditation techniques for beginners – Video helpful to you in explaining this very simple form of insight meditation?  I’d love to hear your experience, so feel free to leave a comment below.

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