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Meditation Techniques For Children: 3 Big Belly Breaths

Meditation techniques for children
Meditation techniques for children

Teaching meditation techniques children is a wonderful idea - improving their concentration, emotional balance, and focus skills

Teaching simple meditation techniques for children does lots of great things.  You teach them focus, mental discipline, patience, resilience and how to slow down and access their own mind.  It’s the start of an inner life for your kids.  And… perhaps best of all …. healthy family activities bring your family together in the very best ways.

Your kids may remember these moments as some of the best times with you.

In the video below, Karen Stockert teaches two very young children how to close their eyes, breathe deeply, and get in touch with their body.  They are doing this just before a meal, and Karen helps them discover how hungry they really are.

 Meditation Techniques For Children

That was simple wasn’t it?

I really liked how Karen accepted it when the little girl wanted to keep her eyes open.

Here are some more reasons why meditation techniques for children can be helpful.

You can practice meditation for children as a family and benefit immensely.
Many children have a difficult time understanding who they are
and an even more difficult time accepting who they are.The same can be said for us as adults.
Meditation can help children figure out who they are
and come to a point of acceptance with themselves.
Meditation Techniques For Children Can Help With The Following Common Problems:-·           Stress
·           Anxiety
·           Panic Attacks
·           Attention Deficit   Hyperactivity Disorder
·           Hyperactivity
·           Aggression
·           Restlessness
·           Sleeping ProblemsBenefits of Meditation for Children·           Reduced Prolonged Stress
·           Reduced Anxiety
·           Reduction in the Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder
·           A Calmer Sense of Being
·           Ability to Sleep on a Regular Schedule and Sleep Well
·           Reduced Aggression
·           A Sense of Relaxation
·           An Improvement in Concentration
·           An Improvement in the Ability to Focus
·           Better Creativity
·           A Clearer Memory
·           Better Awareness
·           Better Ability to Deal with Stress as it Comes
·           Increased Tranquility
·           A Healthier Mind and Body
·           A Lower Risk of Possible Future Health Problems

Obviously, practicing meditation for children on a regular basis
(even just a few minutes per day) will have great effects
for both you and your children.

They will also appreciate that you are participating.
Imagine having children that begin to show the benefits listed above.
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I know that as a parent you would be happy
if even just one of those things helped your child,
and I bet your child would too.

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