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Meditation Techniques For Children – Soulful Parenting

Meditation techniques for children
Meditation techniques for children

Teaching meditation techniques children is a wonderful idea - improving their concentration, emotional balance, and focus skills which helps school performance as well as many other life skills that lead to a healthier, happier life.

Meditation techniques for children will help them learn concentration and relaxation skills at a young age.  This will help their school performance, their emotional balance, and ultimately provide an emotional ground for a healthier happier life.

While I was searching the internet for material for this article, I came across this quote from Lori Lipton.

“Soulful parenting encompasses a twofold awareness,” Lipton said.

She said that as a parent, you are a wise and capable soul who is infinitely connected to the source of life and all that is. You have a wealth of support and answers to nurture you and your child, she said. In addition, your child is also a soul who has innate depth, awareness and abilities that are meant to be expressed, evolved and eventually used to enhance life, she said.  original quote here


I like Ms. Lipton’s approach.  She has a fundamental respect for both the child and the parent, and a faith in the ultimate “OK-ness” of both.

She also shares my experience — that children learn meditation quickly and naturally when it’s well taught and playfully presented.

As a parent, Lipten said she is awed by how quickly children connect to meditation. When children engage in intuitive processing regularly, they become settled in their bodies, innately peaceful, present and confident, she said.

Through her program, Lipten said she has seen children shift from being afraid of the dark, or having profound anxiety before tests or within social settings, into feeling peaceful and calm because they have new tools.

Lipten said she has experienced children who have shared a depth of insight and calm that persists because of their ability to listen through their soul.

Lipten raises many questions, among them:

  • Do you meditate? Do your children?
  • Are your children anxious? What do you do to calm them?
  • Do you consider yourself peaceful and confident? Or are you a stressed-out mess?
Have you taught your kids how to meditate?  Do you like Ms. Liptons ideas about soulful parenting?
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