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Meditation Techniques For Chronic Pain: More Media Coverage

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We love it when meditation techniques for chronic pain get more media coverage for the fact that coping with serious pain is easier with meditation.

meditation techniques for chronic painThis article in the from Toronto is written by their staff doctors, and looks at a couple of different weight loss ideas, a wonderful suggestion for breathing easier with asthma, and then more coverage for the numerous scientific studies showing that meditation is now proven to be more effective than morphine in helping people cope with chronic pain.

If you hurt, this will help

We know, and you know, chronic pain isn’t all in your head. But you can use your noodle to turn down the volume on agonizing aches, whether you’ve got back pain, arthritis or other day-in, day-out discomfort. The tool: an easy relaxation technique called mindfulness meditation. Bonus: It can counteract one of pain’s sneakiest, most frustrating downsides: memory loss.

You may have heard that this type of meditation eases pain by soothing stress. But the more we learn about mindfulness, the better it gets. It also helps control your alpha rhythms, a type of brain wave that blocks out distracting information. Practicing mindfulness a few minutes daily boosts your ability to focus by tuning out distractions . . . like, yes, pain signals, and fears about pain — both mess with your memory. It improves your ability to recall important stuff (when you’re meeting your wife for dinner or where you put the dog’s leash).

Want to give it a whirl? Find a quiet place. Get comfortable. Close your eyes, and breathe in and out at a natural pace. Notice whether your breath feels warm or cool. When other thoughts, feelings and sensations crop up, acknowledge them, then gently refocus on your breathing. After about 10 minutes, open your eyes and re-enter the world slowly. You’ll go about your day feeling better.  Read the original story here

Have you ever suffered from serious pain?  Do you yourself, or anyone you know ever use various meditation techniques for chronic pain relief?

If you do, I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comment area below.

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