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Meditation Techniques for Enlightenment

meditation techniques for enlightenment

If you are having a hard time controlling your mind from dwelling into unproductive negative thoughts, then the meditation techniques for enlightenment is what you must need to gain self-realization. Through mind control, you can completely liberate yourself from unintended as well as previously uncontrolled thought forms.

Based on an article published in, meditation allows you to become the master of your being as well as over your mind. In fact, it lets you enjoy the bliss, the wisdom, and yes, the power of becoming totally free.  The write-up further explained the process of freeing the mind from desires and limitations below:

Meditation Techniques for Enlightenment

meditation techniques for enlightenmentIt’s a process called Self Realization or Enlightenment: Freeing yourself from the conditioned mind establishes the most profound experience of joy and inner freedom. Liberation of this kind is what we are all, consciously or not, longing for. It is this longing that drives us to do the things we do. Somewhere deep inside we all long for freedom, satisfaction and pure ecstasy. The only illusion/difficulty here is that most of us seek for it in allbut the right place…

The conditioned mind is mis-taking the pleasurable, transitory shapes and forms of the external world for the highest joy coming only from within. This is the Illusion (in Sanskrit terminology: Maya) of the mind and it clouds our vision to see what is true and what not.
Because of the mind’s tendency to cloud our vision; we constantly search in the wrong directions for something which is actually found in only one ‘direction’.

What we are looking for is not a direction in the common, three-dimensional sense of the word; the ‘direction’ we are trying to find is that one, mystical, space- and timeless yet practical shift of Consciousness evolving inwards.

This is where Yoga and Meditation Techniques and practices become an incredible aid.

Through the use of these meditation techniques for enlightenment, many bad habits and unhealthy thought patterns can now be transformed into much more productive ideas.

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