Meditation Techniques for Older Adults


Dr. Stephanie Cheng, a palliative care physician in the division of geriatrics at University California—San Francisco coaches patients on how to meditate with ease by incorporating it into their health exams sessions and provides short guided meditation exercises when she notices they’re overwhelmed or experiencing emotional distress so that these individuals may feel better more quickly while also being exposed tools for greater sense well-being than just receiving standard treatment plans alone which could take hours depending upon lengthiness/complexity. She’s spend years studying meditation techniques for older adults.

Meditation is an excellent way to calm your mind and body. It requires that you sit or lie down, relax while paying little attention in thoughts as they drift through the space between us like clouds on a warm summer’s day; insignificant yet comforting at times when life gets too hectic–just let them pass by without judgment! Meditation enables one not only feel more relaxed but also improve their health with improved circulation caused by slow breathing (which has been shown scientifically), lower blood pressure levels due out decreased stress hormones released during tranquil focus times.

In short, everyday science discovers new ways meditation benefits older adults.

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