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Meditation Techniques For Pain Relief Are Working

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meditation techniques for pain

People are turning to meditation techniques and other alternatives to treat their chronic pain

If you are suffering from pain we have good news. Meditation techniques for pain relief are proving to be highly successful.

In the research study quoted below, researchers found that meditation can be 25% more effective than morphine.  Think about the implications of that!  Better pain relief without the side effects of morphine …. and without the horrible chances of getting addicted!

f the idea of meditation has always sounded like a supremely dull way of wasting time, these findings may surprise you. Research from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has indicated that about an hour of meditation training can transform your pain experience.

Meditation may also reduce certain types of undesirable brain activation in the bargain. In fact, meditation was found to be more effective than morphine and other pain-relievers, by about 25 percent.

Participants in the study were taught meditation techniques in four classes, each of which was of 20 minutes duration. Their brain activity was monitored by arterial spin labeling magnetic resonance imaging (ASL MRI), before and after each training session.

After each meditation class, each participant’s pain ratings were found to be reduced by anywhere from 11 to 93 percent.
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Meditation techniques for pain relief are catching on in mainsteam  medicine because of their effectivenss, and also because there are zero negative side effects to meditation, unlike drugs, pain killers, and surgery.

Would you like a guided meditation for pain relief?  Please let us know in the comment area, and we might just create a free one for you to download.

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