Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques For Relationships

meditation techniques for relationships
meditation techniques for relationships

Bring passion back into your relationship with meditation. Sign up now for our free guided meditations and get a copy of Dr. Kilstein's Passion Meditation.

Meditation techniques for relationships can bring new life and love to a relationship that is a little stale.

It can bring passion back into a relationship that seems to be running along on auto-pilot.  In the video below, meditation teacher Mary Stencavage talks about the benefits that a couple (or even just 1 partner) can get through meditation.

Learn to really listen before you respond.

Break out of tired old patterns and the same old stories.

Have fresh new experiences with your loved ones.


Meditation Techniques For Relationships

Better Relationships Through Meditation

We’ve long known the benefits of meditation in our lives, but are there far-reaching benefits from meditation that extend to those we love? The fact is, meditation can mean the difference between a peaceful relationship that’s significantly lower in stress and frustration and a relationship that tends to coast along or struggle.

By definition, meditation is an intimate act meant to inspire thoughtful reflection and contemplation. It’s about finding brief moments of peace within ourselves, despite the frantic nonstop society we live in. Further, the act of meditation has become widely accepted as a tried and true method that leads to deeper relaxation and a more “settled” core. At a time when the media seem to report one tragedy after another, with each day bringing more bad news on economies, global unrest and high-profile scandals, we find ourselves seeking a more peaceful and contented life as well as the tools that allow us to maintain healthy relationships with those we love.

There are resources available to guide us to not only proper and effective meditation techniques, but also how to incorporate those effects into our relationships.  Here is one great way to learn meditation.

We spend so much time, money and effort on perfecting the outside, our shell, while our souls and hearts go unattended before we realize we’re running on empty. It’s then we lose focus, we lose touch with ourselves. And if we’ve lost touch with ourselves, we can’t expect to connect with anyone else. This is where insight from your inner wisdom, coupled with solid meditation tools and techniques, can truly change our outlook, our relationships and even the way we see all that’s good in this life. Original here

And isn’t that what defines the quality of our lives?

Want to learn more about meditation?  Check out Dr. Kilstein’s Guide To Meditation For Beginners.

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