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Meditation Techniques For Self Compassion – Video –

meditation techniques for self compassion
meditation techniques for self compassion

Meditation techniques for self compassion give you more happiness and optimism. Self compassion reduce axxiety and fears for your future.

Here’s why meditation techniques for self compassion are important. On an airplane, the stewardess tells you to put the oxygen mask on first — not because it’s selfish — but so that you can help other around you better.

Meditation techniques, and self compassion are like the oxygen mask — they make you better able to care for the people you love.

Dr. Kristin Neff (see video below) reports that her  research shows higher levels of self-compassion are linked to more happiness, optimism, curiosity and connectedness, and less anxiety, depression, rumination and fear of failure.

Who couldn’t want that?

Meditation Techniques
For Self Compassion



Self Compassion Is Not Self Esteem

Here is Christine Neff on the difference between self compassion and self esteem.

Although self-compassion may seem similar to self-esteem, they are different in many ways.  Self-esteem refers to our sense of self-worth, perceived value, or how much we like ourselves.

While there is little doubt that low self-esteem is problematic and often leads to depression and lack of motivation, trying to have higher self-esteem can also be problematic.  In modern Western culture, self-esteem is often based on how much we are different from others, how much we stand out or are special.  It is not okay to be average, we have to feel above average to feel good about ourselves.  This means that attempts to raise self-esteem may result in narcissistic, self-absorbed behavior, or lead us to put others down in order to feel better about ourselves.  We also tend to get angry and aggressive towards those who have said or done anything that potentially makes us feel bad about ourselves.

The need for high self-esteem may encourage us to ignore, distort or hide personal shortcomings so that we can’t see ourselves clearly and accurately.

Finally, our self-esteem is often contingent on our latest success or failure, meaning that our self-esteem fluctuates depending on ever-changing circumstances.


I believe strongly that you can use meditation techniques for self compassion to make an immediate difference in your life.

That is why we made our loving kindess meditation for self and others available for FREE instant download.  You can start creating more self compassion in your life right now by clicking here.

Here’s another way you can help.

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