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Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Growth

meditation techniques for spiritual growth

meditation techniques for spiritual growthOne of the most popular means to achieve spiritual awakening is by using wonderful and life-changing meditation techniques for spiritual growth. This involves a journey that shows you how to go beyond the limits of the thinking mind in order to experience peace and spiritual development.

Here’s a wonderful writer named Nigel Coates,  who shares his spiritual journey through his meditation blog at

Meditation Techniques
For Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth = Raising Your Vibration

Everything is made of energy. It is common to request assistance or communication from the entities with ‘The Highest and Finest’ energy. Conversely, dark and negative energy is said to be ‘Thick and Dense’.

For those on a spiritual path, a primary goal of meditation is to ‘raise your vibration’, so that you are closer to the divine source of all love and light.

The direct integration of the physical body and your energetic field occurs in your energy centers – or Chakras. These chakras can be thought of as spinning wheels of energy that vibrate at a specific frequency.

Keeping your chakra’s balanced and energized is very important for the overall vibration of your physical and spiritual energy.

A chakra meditation which systematically works through your chakra’s can better allow the free flow of energy between yourself and the pure spiritual energy of the universe.

Here’s a nice Chakra Meditation from
Carol Tuttle has some of the the best lessons on working with chakras that we have come across.

Guided Chakra Meditation
The Chakra Flower Meditation

A Step-By-Step Guide

This Chakra meditation is one of many meditation techniques for opening your closed chakras. This is a step-by-step guide that will help you through this meditation technique on chakra meditation. I suggest that you read the information about each chakra before starting this meditation technique.


Before starting the chakra opening meditation technique, you will first have to relax your body and mind. Find a comfortable position. You can for instance choose the Lotus position or any posture you find most comfortable. It is important that you are able to sit relaxed and uninterrupted for the entire meditation.

Start by preparing your body for the chakra meditation by doing a relaxing breathing exercise. Get completely relaxed and calm and let all your worries exit your body and mind. When you feel completely relax, you can proceed. I suggest that you do the breathing meditation for minimum 5 minutes. The more relaxed you are, the more successful your meditation is going to be.

Step 1

Visualizing The Flower

Close your eyes. Inhale some fresh air all the way down to your root chakra at the base of your spine. Picture a bright and warm red colour at you root chakra area. It is very clear and beautiful. In the middle of this bright red colour, you see a closed flower. As you breathe, you breathe in to that flower focusing all of your energy and love on that particular area. This chakra is the location of stability and security. It is the foundation of your entire chakra system and should therefore make you feel steady and grounded. Keep breathing slowly and deeply, carrying loving and warm energy to your root chakra. See how the flower which slowly opens for each breath that you take. Love your chakra and allow it to heal and be free.

Step 2

Using your Senses

It is important to use your senses and make it as real as possible. You have to see the red colour and the flower clearly in your minds eye. It should be bright and beautiful. You have to feel the warmth and love in the colour. Notice how safe and secure you feel. Safe enough to let you root chakra open up a little more. Breathe in to the flower. Focus on it and feel safe.

Step 3

Opening Your Chakra Flower

Allow your root chakra flower to open some more. Focus on the area and fill it with love. as you begin to feel safer, your flower continues to open. It is important that you believe that your chakra has the right to be open and to bloom. Only focus on positive thoughts and emotions. These thoughts are the healing ones and all you need. Fill the chakra with such strong energy that no negative experiences or any difficulties that may come are powerful enough to close your chakra flower. Allow it to totally open.

Move up to your second chakra and fill this area with a bright orange colour, which is the colour of your sacral chakra.

Continue this chakra mediation for the rest of the chakras, taking your time without rushing the meditation. If possible try to let the meditation take at least about 30 minutes. Original at

Everyone wants to succeed in the intricate and important journey of spiritual awakening. Through  meditation techniques for spiritual growth you can continue on the path of health, happiness and spiritual development.

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