Meditation Techniques

Meditation techniques that can help you live a better life

Meditation techniques that can help you live a better life

Meditation techniques that can help you live a better life

Nobody wants to suffer, yet we allow ourselves to be subjected to pain all the time. Why else do we binge on fast food? Why would we drown in alcohol and get addicted to smoking, if for no other reason than to hurt ourselves? Through all these harmful things we do to ourselves, there’s one way to undo all the suffering and love ourselves a little bit more: meditation. It’s about time to take a step back, and realize how meditation techniques can help us live better lives and ultimately suffer less.

1. Meditation gives us a break.

You’re surrounded by stress all the time—from your work and your personal problems, to your failure to achieve your goals in life. It’s too easy to give in to all these, but meditation can calm your mind and find a deeper meaning through all your problems. It’s that much-needed break you need from the crazy turns of life.

2. Meditation releases your anger and fear.

Do you live in constant fear and anger? Meditation helps end all these negativity, and converts these weaknesses into opportunities for growth. You can let it go, as long as you have meditation.

3. Meditation allows appreciation.

Have you stopped appreciated the fine things in life that you no longer see something good and beautiful when it’s right in front of you? Meditation helps you go back to your core, and realize how far you’ve gone.

4. Meditation instills kindness and compassion.

Because of the suffering you’re going through, it’s quite easy to get upset or irritated. Meditation fills up the emptiness in your heart with kindness and caring. It will allow you to let go of the pain, and open yourself up to compassion.

Meditation techniques that can help you live a better life

5. Meditation develops harmlessness.

Simply through the intent to cause less pain we can bring greater dignity to our world, so that harm is replaced with harmlessness and disrespect with respect. Ignoring someone else’s feelings or needs, thinking thoughts of revenge and dislike, affirming our hopelessness, or seeing ourselves as incompetent or unworthy are all causes of personal harm. How much resentment, guilt, or shame are we holding on to, thus perpetuating such harmfulness? Meditation enables us to transform this through recognizing our essential goodness as well as the preciousness of all life.   (Read more here)

6. Meditation helps you interconnect.

Social networking sites may be at its peak, but it’s only made us miserable and disconnected to the world. Meditation allows us to look beyond our solitude and realize that we are one with other people and that we are not alone.

7. Meditation allows you to be with what is.

More than anything else, really, meditation lets you see what is—no judgment, no analysis, no need for overthinking.  All you have to be is in the present moment. If you need to clear your mind, meditation will help you do just that.

With meditation, you can finally step out of your worldly desires and connect to yourself. It’s about time you stop yourself and start treating yourself right: meditation will do that for you.

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