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Meditation Techniques To Increase Confidence


Are you looking for simple and effective meditation techniques to increase confidence?

You are in luck!

In a study by Khalsa SB, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School in 2009, simple methods of increasing confidence with various methods of meditation were found highly effective.

Today I am going to show you three meditation techniques to increase confidence, and then suggest your best choice for a complete meditation solution from Dr. Kilstein’s various meditation courses.

Meditation Techniques To Increase Confidence #1

Confidence Meditation On The Present Moment

meditation techniques to improve confidence

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Present moment meditation is also known as mindfulness meditation, which is the basis of Buddhist meditation techniques. To increase your confidence, you can use this style to rest more deeply in your true nature of peace, stillness and the strength of silence. With practice, this meditation can help you to become more comfortable spending time with yourself and help you to know yourself better. With this increased self-awareness comes confidence. With consistent daily practice, you can learn to enjoy just sitting and being with yourself, which makes it much easier to be at ease in the presence of others. Original here.


Meditation Techniques To Increase Confidence #2

Confidence Meditations With Affirmations

When you are sitting in a comfortable, relaxed position with your eyes closed, bring to mind the affirmation you have chosen for the day. This affirmation should be one clear statement that makes you feel more self-assured. Some examples are “I am a worthy human being” or “I am just right.” You are most aware of your insecurities so only you can choose the affirmation best suited to correct misconceptions of yourself. Once you have clearly identified the affirmation, sit and engage in a breathing meditation for five minutes. Then, say the affirmation aloud repeatedly for at least ten minutes. Complete your meditation with two minutes of breathing meditation. If you are experiencing depression or extremely low self-esteem, you may feel the need to cry or become emotional while saying the affirmation. This is natural. Just allow the emotion to be released and continue to practice regularly. Original here.


Meditation Techniques To Increase Confidence #3

Confidence Meditations With Visualizations

You can increase your confidence by meditating with the images of yourself in a more self-assured and confident state. After five minutes of breath or sound mantra meditation, spend at least ten minutes visualizing yourself at your absolute most confident state. If you have never experienced this, use your imagination. Imagine what you look and sound like with confidence. Imagine others’ reactions to you in this confident state. Allow your imagination to paint the most inviting and positive picture possible. Stay with these images as long as you like until you feel so comfortable with this visualization that you begin to imitate it in your life. Practice visualization everyday.


Use any or all three of these confidence meditations to boost your self confidence and feel better about yourself fast.

There are lots of simple, easy meditation techniques to increase confidence, and these are three of the best!

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