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Meditation Techniques To Stop Smoking

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guided meditation techniques to stop smokingDid you know there are some very specific meditation techniques to stop smoking?

Both myself and the creator of this website, Dr. Harlan Kilstein have each helped thousands of people quit smoking through the use of hynosis, self hypnosis, and the specific meditation techniques to stop smoking that each of us created while we had large hypnosis practices.

The delightfully named Pragito Dove, over at her eponymous blog has a personal story of how she herself used her version of an effective meditation technique to quit smoking.

This particular meditation will not, in most cases be enough to do the entire job of helping you to quite smoking, but it’s a great start!

Smoking Meditation

Whenever you think about smoking a cigarette, become aware of taking the pack out of your pocket slowly, with full awareness. Then take the cigarette out of the pack with full awareness, slowly – not in the old hurried way, unconscious and mechanical. Start tapping the cigarette on the pack very alertly. Listen to the sound, then smell the cigarette and enjoy the beauty of it…just as in the Zen tradition when the tea kettle starts boiling and the aroma of the tea reaches your senses.

Then put the cigarette in your mouth with full awareness, light it, inhale with full awareness, slowly. Savor the taste, the smell, the sensation of the smoke entering your lungs. Enjoy every small action, every part of it and you will become more and more aware. As you release the smoke from your lungs, relax, enjoy the sensation and feelings in your body, be aware, go slowly, then take another puff.

The secret, I found, of breaking a habit such as smoking is to bring awareness to it. To deautomotize yourself from a mechanical habit brings great liberation. Once you bring it out into the light of conscious awareness, and SEE what it is, sooner or later,it simply drops away. Read the original story here

Have you used hypnosis or self hypnosis or meditation to stop smoking?  If you have, or you know somebody who did, it would be a wonderful blessing if you would share the specific meditation techniques to stop smoking that were successful.

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