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Meditation Techniques Will Help The Young Achieve Their Goals

Meditation techniques for children

meditation techniques for studentsAll around the world, in many cultures, various meditation techniques are taught to young and old alike.  We think of India as a spiritual place, with such lofty ideals for meditation that they would be little concerned with such western concepts as setting and achieving goals, or increasing self-esteem.  But think again.

This article from The Times of India reminds us that meditation has some very practical applications.

Speaking on ‘Teachings of the Gita for the youth’, Dubey highlighted the sixth chapter of Gita that meditation is useful for the achievement of concentration, self-confidence and goals for youth. She emphasised on the importance of getting up in `Brahma Muhurta’ (Brahm Muhurta). Swami Dharanidharananda presided over the function.

Tournament: “Every student is a champion in any field that he ventures even though success may elude him, so I not only congratulate the winners of NIPS tournament but also those who participated from the day one of the event,” said minister for homeopathy, UP, Nand Gopal `Nandi’. He was speaking as chief guest on the final day of the NIPS College Cricket Tournament organised at Madan Mohan Malviya stadium.

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If we were smart enough to teach meditation techniques to our young men and women in school, I am sure their concentration would improve, their mental discipline would grow stronger, and they would be more calm and self confident.

Isn’t that much of what we want our schools to deliver to our young?

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