How To Meditate

Meditation Tip For Tapping Your Energy

Hopefully - you can meditate any time, any where.  Simply chose to focus.

Hopefully – you can meditate any time, any where. Simply chose to focus.

People keep complaining about their inability to meditate, not realizing that this very thought is what’s inhibiting them from genuine meditation. Here’s a meditation tip: any mundane activity, even just walking, can be the object of meditation.

What most people refuse to understand is that there’s a life-force energy in us: this energy, referred to by different disciplines in different denominations such as the spirit, subconscious, soul, light, or chi, resides deep within us. Once it leaves, we are no longer alive!

Meditation Tip For Tapping Your Energy

The energy that we speak of, that I will call soul, sits right behind the eyes, in the form of a subtle energy of light. When we meditate we turn our attention inward into this area. You will feel an energy there, it will feel like the energy that is taking in everything around you and where you also generate your output. The soul is energy, and in its natural state the soul is peace, love, truth, purity and joy. While in meditation, we focus on this point and remind ourselves that I AM A SOUL, I can connect with this feeling of peace that is me and take a moment just to enjoy this feeling. The natural awareness of peace resides in every one of us. We have simply forgotten. The distractions of everyday life and circumstances tend to pull us away from this remembrance.  (More here)

We have been conditioned by our environment. Our behavioral patterns are largely a product of external stimuli, which we have little power of changing. Instead, what we can do is to change your thoughts. Whenever there’s a dilemma or a problem in front of you, think about how your thoughts or approach to them can make you a better person. Practice the art of thinking inward and asking yourself “How can this thought serve my soul?” In little time, you will realize tremendous changes within you, and a more enriched soul.

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