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Meditation To Lose Weight | Video


Here is another video from  This one offers a [tipsy content=”Want a simple, easy and quick way to meditate? Try 10 Minutes To Bliss – Just click the link towards the top of the page!” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]meditation practice[/tipsy] that will help you to reprogram your mind to help you lose weight.  Staying away from junk food starts with staying away from your junk thoughts. This meditation demonstration helps give you techniques for future meditations that you can do quickly to reprogram your thinking patterns.

She also demonstrates a finger methodology that helps in the meditation.  This is based off a similar method as presented by Dr. Kilstein’s Finger Healing DVDs.  When used with words that match each [tipsy content=”According to ancient Christian traditions, raising hands was part of prayer and healing as well.  The meditation is deepened an thus will better be imprinted in your psyche.

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