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Meditation With The Beavers And Bears In Montana

Feather Pipe Ranch

Feather Pipe RanchHi everyone from Harlan at the Feather Pipe Ranch just outside Helena Montana.

This is my first visit to Montana and my first impressions were of the clean fresh air and seeing the Rocky Mountains in every direction.
Today was the first day of my yoga meditation retreat in the middle of the forest.They told us about the bears (black bears which are colored brown) and the mountain lions that wander the grounds.
Every direction is incredible beauty and this morning, I decided to go down to the lake for a morning meditation.
At first look, the lake was absolutely silent.
But over time, I noticed it was filled with activity.Here and there, the trout come up to the surface to snag some flies.In the corner of my eye, a beaver is determined to swim across the lake. And it’s time for me to slow down and focus on my breathing. The sun rises early here in Montana and sets very late.
And as I focus on my breathing, everything becomes very still.
In the corner of my eye, a deer approaches a salt lick.  Another deer grazes in the tall grass.
And I continue to breathe and feel the warmth of sunlight rising above the mountains. In the background, a mountain stream is rushing to join the lake. And I begin to understand the goal of my meditation today – which is to understand – we are all connected to one another.
And we are all connected to the great divine.
My mind is taking snap shots of every bit of relaxation like a bear putting away food before hibernation. They told us bears like toothpaste.  Go figure.
My mind is at peace as I rise to enjoy my day of yoga and meditation.Harlan Kilstein - Meditation Techniques
I hope you can take 2 minutes out of your day and join me by the lake.
I’ll save a spot for you.
Wishing you well from Montana,

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