Meditation Techniques

Meditation At Work: It’s Possible!


The workload is piling up, you’re inching towards the deadline, and the tension among you and your colleagues is becoming overbearing. It goes without saying that it’s about time you learn how to meditate. Meditation can be done in a lot of places—and that includes the office. If you’re slowly losing time and patience, meditation will bring you back to your core, and help you bring a sense of calm into your daily routine.

All it takes is blocking out a certain part of your schedule dedicated to meditation. If you’re in a room, close the door. If you’re in a noisy spot, put on earphones.  For 5 to 10 minutes, breathe in deeply and exhale just as deeply. Follow the trail of your breath closely coursing through your body. You will feel a sense of calm coursing through you—enough to give you more focus as you work.

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