How To Meditate

Melissa Kirsch: Meditation at Work: Breathing Lessons


The work place can indeed be the most stressful environment you have to deal with in life. It isn’t always possible to do a full blown meditation at the office or on the run, but you can use mindfulness meditation to interrupt your stress patterns, which takes your mind in a peaceful direction.

I‘d actually been inspired to meditate by a talk I’d heard Sharon give at a yoga studio in New York. She made meditating seem so necessary, so illuminating, and, most of all, so easy. When I went back to working full-time after being freelance writer and working from home, I found the workplace to be chaotic and overwhelming. I needed to use my mindful breathing techniques more than ever.
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Mindful, controlled breathing is a simple meditation technique that almost anyone can learn to use at work to relieve stress and anxiety before it ruins your whole day.

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