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The Message of Anxiety and Getting Over it


1394733182310_loveAnxiety is one of the things that creeps up to you late at night sometimes unexpected and for no reason at all. It can send you nasty thoughts and have you crying for long hours, day or night. If you ever lay awake wondering what you did to feel the way you are feeling, then maybe you haven’t realized what your anxiety is trying to say to you all along.

There’s always an underlying message beneath every thought of self-doubt your mind seems to ceaselessly create. Your body is telling you something you can’t seem to grasp. Maybe the message it has been trying to convey to you all along is that you are a hurt little being who is need of a lot of caring. It can be very difficult for someone to admit that they are pained by something or someone. To become a victim comes with a feeling of weakness and fault of not being strong enough to get back on your feet.

This realization is something that not many people can get a hold of. People would often use the excuse of anxiety being a disorder or a hindrance in order to compensate for not being the best they could possibly be. However this should not be the case. Yes, it may be brought about by painful past experiences and the little voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough, but it shouldn’t stop you from achieving the fullest sense of yourself.

Having trouble doing that? Try these tips to get you started.

1.      Acknowledge its presence in your life.

I know this may sound hard considering that it is something that slowly destroys you from the inside. But know that recognizing that you have it and learning to listen to it is the first step in getting better. By not denying and not fighting with it, you are giving yourself and all the demons inside the gift of peace.

2.      Live in joy and love; share it with others as well.

The best way to reduce anxiety? Laugh it off, love with all your heart and be around people who share the same love with you. This is something that’s way too undermined these days. Injecting yourself with a healthy dose of happiness daily is something that you shouldn’t take away from yourself. Have the opportunity to be happy even if you sometimes think you don’t deserve it. Trust me, you do.

3.      Tell yourself you’re enough over and over again.

Repeat it on a daily basis, “I am good enough; I am worthy to be alive.” Do it enough and your mind will start to believe it. You may have to lie to yourself the first few times, but it takes patience to realize that you are worth having a beating heart and a mind that thinks. You’ve made friends with your anxiety, now try start befriending yourself too.

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