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Mexican Coca is Like Ancient Zen Meditation


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This article appears to be about “authenticity”. It’s a common complaint these days. There is so much stuff out there that isn’t the same as it was originally. What ever happened to the real thing? Zen meditation is like that too. The ancient meditation practices are being reworked into new ways of doing them that are not authentic.

If Zen Buddhism were Coca-Cola, Western Zen would be like the high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) type served in a plastic bottle.ᅠ The real Zen, still found in some parts of China and Korea, would be like Mexican Coca-Cola made with cane sugar and served in a thick glass bottle that has a real old-fashioned metal cap on it. ᅠ

Those, my age, who can still remember drinking Coca-Cola back in the good old days (before 1980)ᅠsay Mexican Coca-Cola is the real deal; authentic to the last drop.

Those who meditate in the old Zen teachings say that new meditation techniques do not accomplish the same results. It may be similar, but it isn’t the same. Just like old coke and new coke.

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