How To Meditate

Mind Over Matter: The Art of Meditation


We are very much aware of how meditation can affect our mind and body. But there is another purpose for meditation techniques, spreading joy and peace across the world! “I can’t do that” you may think at first but, if you can visualize the pain and suffering of others then you can also visualize the healing and comfort. It is just one more step to send white light and healing through your thoughts and emotions. Some people call it prayer but it really doesn’t need a label, it works just fine without one.


At Brahma Kumaris, the practice is raja yoga meditation. “Yoga means union: union between “I” the soul, and the supreme soul,” Ms Ip says. “Our understanding is that we are all souls, living energy or beings of light; so as we meditate we remember who


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Make a habit of sitting quietly and having those around the world in your thoughts and to create loving and joyful images to mentally send their way. They won’t know what it is, but they will feel a bit lighter and have less anger and fear. You will feel a greater sense of oneness with the earth and the souls that light the way for everyone.

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