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Mindfulness Meditation: A Direct Path to Health and Happiness


Written by Telisa Boston, Staff Writer

Health and happiness- everyone seeks it, but how many of us ever achieve it? How many of you manage to sustain both health and happiness long term? Kudos to those of you in such deep rooted denial that you truly believe to have achieved this state of mind on your own. Truth is, without some type of focused meditation, it is nearly impossible to have long lasting happiness and to a certain extent, good health. This article from Psych Central offers us practical insight to the many health benefits, and meditation techniques used on the path to health and happiness, through a very focused meditative practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Meditation: A Direct Path to Health and Happiness

We live in a fast paced world with incessant activity and multiple points of attention.meditationforhappiness

This is why learning and practicing mindfulness is such a wonderful tool for experiencing greater emotional and physical health.

Mindful practices and interventions such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and general mindfulness mediation have been shown to benefit people with chronic pain, stress, cancer, depression, anxiety, and numerous other mental and physical ailments.

Mindfulness can help us to relax, have greater self-control and manage our behavior, change how we think about things, be less judgmental, and develop healthy levels of acceptance.

All of which have merit when it comes to our overall health and well-being.

A relatively recent study in the Journal of American College Health (2010) explored how mindfulness levels in students was related to certain health indices, such as sleep quality, binge eating, physical activity, and smoking. Stress levels were explored as a mediator of these behaviors. Original Story Here.


I leave you with the words of my very wise yoga instructor who helped me through a serious depressive episode,”Calm the mind, and the body will follow”.I, am living proof of that today!

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