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Mindfulness Meditation for the Busy You


1360703455005_meditate-standingYou think you really need this. You say that you deserve a break from all the pressure, the deadlines that you have to meet. But you’re asking, “How is it possible for me to meditate when I don’t even have time for a formal practice?”

Meditation is very prevalent nowadays but  tough luck for such people who want to do it but also can’t because most have little or no time for a formal meditation practice. Here are a few quick ways to mindfully meditate on simple day-to-day tasks, without the fuss:


Did you know that it’s possible for you to meditate while you’re on your way to run errands? But this exercise is advisable for walks that involve fewer disturbances simply because you need a quiet time to focus. First thing you’re going to do is to feel your feet touching the ground with every step you make. Notice how your body moves, then pay attention to your breathing patterns; moving to each body part involved as you walk. As you meditate, you will feel as if your mind is wandering away; and if you feel like it has ambled too much already, learn how to gently “wake” yourself up and relax.


You obviously feel calm and your mood improves when you’re not hungry, so why not try meditating while doing so? Before taking your first bite, smell the food you’re about to eat. Notice how your senses are activated. Then, as the food enters your mouth, feel its texture, and savor its taste. Pay attention to exactly how your body reacts as you chew. It is not necessary to meditate until you’ve finished your meal. It is just a reminder that you can do meditation every now and then to practice your focus.

Aside from these, there are other daily tasks where in you can apply the power of meditation such as brushing your teeth and taking a bath. Focus is the key to properly conduct your home meditation exercise. Since these chores are mostly done when you have accomplished all your tasks for the day, it’s an effective time to meditate and relax.

There are some other simple exercises for meditation which are already done by most for therapies, such as the candle meditation, where in you focus on the light or flame of the candle. You are not doing this to observe the chemical reaction of the candle. Just watch the candle’s flame as it moves and notice how relaxed you feel. This can also be done while listening to music. What you are trying to do here is to mindfully listen; you don’t have to pay attention to the lyrics, or the tune. All you have to do is to make use of your ear’s capability to hear. But of course the most advisable genre of music for this exercise is the ones with relaxed and calm melodies.

Have you ever felt tired because you realized that there has been too much technology running through your bloodstream? You face your laptop every single day for about 5-10 hours. Then you use your phone, or your tablet after. There is too much technology going on here! Why not take a break? Keep your gadgets, go outside and take a deep breath, experience nature. Go back to the time when there were no gadgets and people still afforded to live a normal life.

Remember that almost anything can be done mindfully; these tips are only guides that will hopefully help you learn how to balance everything and prevent a burn-out. Don’t be too overwhelmed, feel free to mix and match these steps on any way that would best suit your daily lifestyle.

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