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Mindfulness Meditation: Keeping it still


1406755725720_inner-voiceHelpful tips for staying committed to the practice.

People in the modern age have searched for numerous ways to improve their health, thinking, and overall wellness and the term Mindfulness Meditation has been creating a noise for its abundance of health benefits.

Many have tried and started their quest to pursue the health benefits of Mindfulness Meditation, but most of them end up losing commitment and motivation.

These statements represent common experiences by people who have tried the practice:

·         “It’s hard getting started and staying committed is harder.”

·         “I’ve tried a variety of meditations, but nothing seems to be working.”

·         “I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing or so”

·         “I can’t keep my mind clear and staying still.”


If you have said some of these statements before, then you are one of the people who are having difficulties achieving this practice’s blessings. But don’t lose hope! In this article, we’ll let you know the cause and give you some tips that’ll keep you motivated on a daily routine and committed to the practice.

The main reasons why most people are having troubles getting started and staying committed:

·         Lack of clear goals

·         Not using the proper mindfulness meditation techniques

·         Lack of support from peers


Ready to stay committed? Follow these simple tips to get a head start in mindfulness meditation:

1.      Set goals for your mindfulness meditation.

Setting goals will guide and help you follow through your commitments in meditation. They also give you motivation to accomplish something that will surely benefit you as a whole. These goals do not need to be big and grand, in fact, you should start by setting an easy goal until you accomplish it and then start reaching for harder, more challenging goals that’ll keep you in the fight and motivated.

2.      Do it little by little.

Do not attempt to meditate for hours. Instead, start with practice duration that you are comfortable with. For example, 5 minutes. Then the next time you meditate try to add another 5 minutes, making it 10 minutes. You won’t even notice it, but after a few days of adding 5 minutes to your meditation, you’ve already reached an hour or so meditating.

3.      Gain support from family and friends.

If you are the only one in your family who thinks of doing meditation, then you have high chance of giving up or losing motivation. Does it cause your family members to feel ignored? Does your meditation causes ill-feeling to your friends? If yes, try to enlighten them by saying how this simple practice can help you become better. Having support from your family and friends to your meditation will be a great help in motivating and feeling comfortable in doing so.

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