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Mindfulness Meditation Techniques: Five Simple Steps To Mindfulness Meditation

mindfulness meditation techniques

Interested in learning mindfulness meditation techniques — These five simple steps to mindfulness meditation will give you a fast and solid start.

mindfulness meditation techniques

Mindfulness meditation techniques can be learned through these five simple steps. Photo from Flickr, used with permission under creative commons license.


Christie Matta, MA, wrote this wonderful little article on the five easy steps to start practicing mindfulness meditation techniques.

Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

  1. Start with your breathing.  Do an experiment for a few minutes on paying attention to your breathing.  Watch your mind.  Does it wander away and come back over the course of those few minutes?  Set aside 5-10 minutes a day to pay attention to your breathing.  You can do this sitting or lying down or in any comfortable position.
  2. Practice every day. You can continue to focus on your breathing or read books or listen to CD’s on the topic to get ideas for your mindfulness practice.  I will include a few resources at the bottom of this post.
  3. Bring awareness to routine activities, such as waking up, shopping, washing dishes or answering email.  Pick one routine a week and try to be fully engaged in it when you do it every time.
  4. Bring your awareness to your body.  You can bring your attention to your body through yoga exercises or through a body scan, in which you slowly scan your attention through all the regions of your body, noticing any tensions, pain or other sensations.
  5. Now that you’ve started a practice, make a decision about when, where and how long you want to practice on a regular basis.  Consider taking courses, reading or watching video’s about mindfulness to increase your knowledge and help you find ways to incorporate it into your life in a way that is helpful to you.   original story here


Is this article enough to get you started on mindfulness meditation techniques — or would you like more instruction and guidance —  Please tell me in the comment area, and I will make a free guided meditation.

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