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Mindfulness Meditation Techniques For Stressful Times: Mayo Clinic Agrees

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The Mayo Clinic recommends mindfulness meditation techniques for stressful times. They say you can meditate during a walk, or riding the bus, or waiting in line.

mindfulness meditation techniques for stressful times

Mindfuness meditation techniuqes take just a moment, and you can do them anywhere, even in stressful times

The excerpt below is from a nice article by Shanderia Posey, writing in The Clarion  Ms. Posey seems to think that meditation only involves mindfulness meditations, but I am reading that view more and more frequently these days.  I think that’s because there is so much research on the various benefits of this particular form of meditation.  But our general position here at Meditation Techniques headquarters, is that almost any positive media coverage for meditation is great… even when small factual errors creep in here and there.

Here is Ms Posey on breathing during stressful times (this is really very good).


Mayo Clinic experts advise this is the perfect time to try meditation. They even say meditation can occur during a walk, riding the bus, waiting at the doctor’s office or during a business meeting.

(Yeah, I’m scratching my head on that one, too.)

But before you give the notion a teenager’s eye roll, you have to understand that meditation doesn’t always involve a low-lit room with incense burning and the sounds of the ocean playing from a CD.

Meditation is a type of mind-body complementary medicine. It can benefit emotional well-being and overall health, and it can be as informal as you like.

The main element to meditation is focusing your attention on an object, image, mantra or how you breath.

Relaxed breathing involving deep, even-paced breathing using the diaphragm muscle allows you to take in more oxygen and reduce use of the shoulder, neck and upper chest muscles, according to Mayo Clinic.

This type of breathing is what the experts recommend using in a difficult business meeting or while stuck in a traffic jam.


Health benefits of meditation are not conclusive. Still, some experts report the technique is useful when someone is battling conditions made worse by stress such as anxiety disorders, allergies, asthma, sleep problems and depression.
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How about you?  Do you find yourself filling those quiet idle moments with awareness of your breath?  Do you agree that mindfulness meditation techniques for stressful times will reduce stress and increase your well-being?

Your opinion matters!  Share it in the comments if you wish.

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