How To Meditate

Mindfulness Techniques That Can Be Done Anywhere


mindefulness meditationMeditation doesn’t have to be a gruesome challenge. In fact, there are quite a number of mindfulness techniques that will help relieve your stress and connect you to your soul.

1. The Five-Minute Meditation

As you sit down and close your eyes, focus on something—be it a word in your mind, your breath, or a word. Then allow your mind to drift, always returning to the object of your focus whenever necessary. This is a habit that should be done at least once a day—and everyone has at least five minutes to spare.

2. Breathe.

You might not realize it, but when you’re stressed, you tend to heave sharp and short breaths. Your nervous system is directly linked to your exhalation and stress response. You need to inhale deeply, followed b a long exhale, to regulate your stress.

3. Soak your hand in warm water.

Your body’s physical reaction and stress are intimately connected. When you’re stressed, it easily results in physical symptoms, like your heart racing or your fingers trembling. What you can do to calm your nerves down is to soak your hand in warm water in order to open up your blood vessels.

4. Expand your vision.

When you’re stressed, you often focus on just one thing and see nothing else but it. It’s time to un-tunnel your vision and let your peripheral vision expand. One way to do this is to extend your arms and form a T-position, as you wiggle your fingers. Then bring your arms forwards, and extend them out again.

5. Listen to music.

This will help you tune in and align your senses, all as you take out the noise from your environment. Too much noise causes your body—so why don’t you simply eliminate it?

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