Meditation Benefits

More Proof Meditation Techniques Now Relieve Pain Symptoms


Research needs to continue in the area of alternative medicine like massage, yoga and meditation techniques. With the knowledge that these practices are being used by a much wider groups of people to successfully relieve certain kinds of chronic pain, more doctors are prescribing them as co-treatments along with medication and other modern treatments.

Published studies in this field include tai chi for fibromyalgia, as well as meditation, yoga and acupuncture for low back pain. Briggs emphasized that symptom management is where NCCAM’s research can have the greatest impact.

The emergence of alternative medicine and meditation techniques has not been a sudden event. There has been a movement of holistic and alternative philosophies for over 60 years in this country and a few thousand years in countries like China and India. It is only recently that modern medicine has opened itself up to receiving the ancient ways of health and wellness.

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