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Mudras For Healing – Finger Meditation Techniques

Mudras For Healing

Mudras are specific positions of your fingers and hands, and for thousands of years mudras for healing have been used.  Different finger meditation techniques have been discovered that help with many problems in life.

Mudras For Healing

Finger healing meditations are common in many cultures, though perhaps the yoga version of mudras for healing are the best known.

Here’s what V N Mittal says over at Complete

My date with the mudras began only a few years ago, with my foray into the amazing world of meditation. A regular practice of mudras led me to discover that mudras not only serve as an ideal meditative tool, but also as a healing software for our emotional, mental, and physical problems and spiritual enhancement.

Called the yoga of the hands, a mudra [sign or seal], is a specific hand gesture, or position, that helps in releasing the energy locked within our body and directing its flow and reflexes to the brain. Mudras are known to alleviate a host of ailments such as asthma, depression, piles, cough, diabetes, stress, and even a heart attack – to name just a few.

When used over time, mudras can create inner peace and harmony, health and wealth, and balance the left and right sides of the brain — and, promote a sense of wellbeing. They can also change your life considerably, through gradual spiritual regeneration.

Mudra work and healing

The innate healing power of hands and the 10 fingers are explained in the Atharva Veda. This power can be easily fortified by the practice of special gestures formed by varying the position of the fingers through mudras. Mudras heal by activating both the meridians [nadis] as well as the chakras [energy centres] – in more ways than one.

Our physical body is made up of five elements, viz., water, earth, akasha [ether], air, and fire, which are represented by the little finger, the ring finger, the middle finger, the index finger, and the thumb, respectively. Imbalances in these elements upset our immune system and cause various ailments The joining of two or more fingers to form hand mudras, and holding them in a certain fixed pattern, creates balance for the five elements, following which healing ensues.

Imbalances in the chakras are suggested to affect the body’s energy circuit. One of the ways to activate and balance chakras is through mudras. As the five fingers are associated with the lower five chakras, the right positioning and holding of the fingers together in a specific pattern brings balance. The body, thus, gets energised, diseases get healed and, gradually, spiritual awakening is experienced.

Key mudra techniques

Of the many known hand mudras, a few of the essential “key mudras” are presented here. Practice them with both the hands in a convenient asana [posture], or sitting in a chair, for about 5-30 minutes a day, or as long as you enjoy doing them.

Gyana mudra

This is performed by joining the tips of your index finger and thumb, and keeping the other three fingers stretched and joined together. This is very powerful and effective in cases of mental ailments and sleeplessness [insomnia]. It also imparts happiness, develops the intellect, sharpens your memory, and concentration powers.

Apaan mudra

Join the tip of the thumb with the tips of middle and ring fingers, keeping the other fingers straight. This helps individuals who have difficulty in passing urine, or when there is a possibility of “obstruction.” The posture reduces constipation, and purifies the body of harmful substances.

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