Meditation Benefits

Meditation Techniques & Yoga Reduce Breast Cancer Pain & Stress


The new study released this past month indicates that significant benfits are seen when yoga and meditation techniques are combined and used regularly. Breast canser  treatments are getting stronger and more effective but women still complained of stiffness and pain in the areas being treated.

Among the most popular meditation techniques used today is Yoga. ᅠMost people think of yoga as mere exercise. ᅠBut combining yoga with pranayama – special breathing changes yoga from exercise to a meditative technique.

According to the findings, while simple stretching exercises improved fatigue, patients who participated in yoga that incorporated yogic breathing, postures, meditation techniques into their treatment plan experienced improved physical functioning and reduced cortisol levels. Science is still out on whether all breast cancer patients would benefit from this meditation technique. However, the benefits of stress reduction are there for all.

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