How To Meditate

On the Importance of Rest – The Ultimate Meditation Technique


This article won’t tell you about meditation techniques, no talk of chakras or kudalini, just a woman who learned to put herself back on her list of priorities. A woman who learned the hard way that which many women seem to forget all the time; You must take care of yourself first, and that includes knowing when and how to REST.                         

                                                            “One of the first lewomanonbeach.jpgssons you learn as a professional cook is never to complain or acknowledge that you need a break…

…or I could continue at the same pace only to end up in a spectacularly devastating crash-landing. The choice was finally clear. “ᅠ

So I committed to changing, instituting a plan to take a complete day off each week, practicing saying no to folks asking me to help or work for them, and planning my first real vacation in five years. ᅠ
I’m on my way to the beach now, committed to leaving the computer off, reading books only for pleasure, and being as vigilant about rest as I’ve been about work. ᅠ ᅠ
The message is that you are only in control of limited things in this life, the more you can let go inside, through meditation techniques and creative work, and complete relaxation and rest, the better off you will be. You will feel better physically and spiritually.

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