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Osama bin Laden “Dead” Yoga Mats Cause Outrage


Well, I can’t say that I’m shocked or anything, we could have predicted this from a society that has so much violence in it. The problem with a “Bin Laden is dead” yoga mat is that it is smug and shows a lack of any sense of class. I’m not saying I feel joy at his death, however he did apparently get what was coming to him…eventually we all do.

This is obviously horrid and despicable, and frankly embarrassing. When we posted about the “yoga response” to the news of Osama bin Laden’s death and the subsequent aftermath we couldn’t have anticipated such aᅠ disgraceful showing. As Carol Horton points out at, Gaiam has a deal with which evidently doesn’t place restrictions on […]

Whether the mats are the responsibility of Gaiam or Cafepress they don’t seem to understand the gloating and joy over the death of anyone even a horrible person isn’t the kind of thing that makes them seem caring or loving. Gaiam should dump the mats and restore their reputation as a peaceful place to shop for yoga equpment and meditation techniques.

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