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Meditation Techniques for Overwhelmed Caregivers


This small study out of UCLA found that meditation techniques were very helpful for family caregivers who are responsible for other very ill patients that need round the clock medical care. Full time caregivers are often overwhelmed and depressed. They don’t sleep well and rarely get the opportunity to relax or get out of the house with friends or just by themselves for even an hour or two.

HONOLULU — Home-based caregivers of ill or elderly family members are under enormous physical and mental stress, but daily meditative yoga may be a simple,  UCLA researchers Helen Lavretsky and Michael Irwin conducted an eight-week, randomized trial on the effects of meditation exercise on 49 people who were home-based caregivers of a loved one with dementia.

Just 20 minutes of Kirtan Kirya yoga, a meditation technique per day, can improve depression dramatically and improve sleep, memory and cognitive behaviors. The use of meditation techniques to improve quality of life for full time caregivers, is cost effective and free of side effects.

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