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Pain: Its Roots and How to Conquer It


1412972432715_meditation-for-painA widespread dilemma that people face nowadays is experiencing physical pain that cannot be detected or appears invisible in medical tests. Many complaints have been made regarding the exact problem wherein once the doctors try to find out what’s wrong, they can’t seem to do so. Results show positive and that they shouldn’t worry much and instead prescribe countless painkillers to soothe the ache.

The known definition of pain is that it roots from something broken or dysfunctional. However a few researchers have claimed that it doesn’t necessarily have to come from injuries or others of the sort to feel the amount of pain some people experience. There is a study that one channel of the brain is responsible for sending pain to certain parts of your body and to properly “block” or “close” it requires a complex process.

Meditation has been around for many years and is known to help with many mental and physical problems people have. One way to help someone who is bearing a huge load of pain without being given a proper and scientific reason is through the practice of this.

You may wonder how this is possible, it’s pretty simple, really.

1.                  Find out where it comes from.

The best way to rid yourself of the pain is finding out its roots. In most cases, the problem isn’t with finding out what’s physically wrong, but emotionally. You may be experiencing this because of severe anxiety or depression which can lead your brain to make your body feel hurt.

Identify where it comes from through meditation. Calm your mind and search in its vast space to pin point exactly what is doing this to you. Once you have, it will be easier to slowly get out of your system.

2.                  Thoughts can kill; sweep them away.

People don’t give much credit on how thoughts can pain a person. It has been proven in several studies that emotional pain brought about by bad thoughts can hurt as much as the physical one. The whole purpose of meditation is to find peace and calmness within yourself. You can only achieve this once you’ve taken out all your negative thoughts and replaced them with encouraging and happy ones.

3.                  The practice can keep your emotions in check.

What is most affected in this type of pain are your emotions. When you’ve experienced trauma, it stays with you and keeps you awake at night. Meditation relaxes your mind and calms your emotions down whenever they are at peak.

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