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Peace under the Sun


1402442236634_sunrise-meditationThere are a lot of great benefits that you can get with a good dose of sunshine. It can help prevent a number of health complications in a person and promote a better and healthier lifestyle. Basically, all life on earth comes from the sun. It fills us with the energy needed and just the right amount of hope to get us through our busy days.

Meditation has been given a huge deal when it comes to truly finding yourself amidst the many complications of life. It has been well-known for having helped people strengthen, physically, become more stable, emotionally, and have their souls satisfied, spiritually. This is a practice that cleans and soothes a cluttered mind and a bothered heart.

Both of these help improve the lives of many people. The sun provides life, while meditation helps us live it.

In many cultures all over the world, there is what they call Sun Meditation. “Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), Sandhya Vandanam (worshipping the sun at sunrise and sunset) is very auspicious and good for the body and the mind.” (

This type of meditation is usually done as the sun rises in the early morn. What better way to start off than absorbing the first rays of the sun and a good calming of the mind? Sun meditation can set you up for a whole day of fresh and new energy to battle through the stress of work or school. It can pump optimism and serenity in your veins and plant you with love and kindness.

However, the sun can also be a catalyst for the regular meditation practitioner. The mood of the dawn and the slow rising of the sun can give a deeper form of meditation for one who has already formed it as a habit. It can quiet the soul and ease the mind to help one handle stressful situations better and easily form solutions to them as well. Sun meditation ultimately betters our outlook on life and our way of coping up with the ever-changing environment.

This proves that aside from the usual bad effects that result to sunburns and skin cancer, there are still many way from which can benefit from the sun. Not only for the sake of a healthy dose of Vitamin D, but this practice can help ourselves grow. Grow and become people who live life to the fullest and nurture our innate hunger for happiness within ourselves.

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