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Pebble Meditation


1405734268583_pebble-meditationOne of the forms of meditation that has been acclaimed for being able to cater to all ages is Pebble Meditation. It is known not only to be simple and easy, but it requires very little as well. The basics are still needed such as a quiet surrounding, a comfortable position and a peaceful state of mind. Practicing this can help you connect further not only with the world but everything in nature as well.

All that is needed are these simple things: a bell and 4 small pebbles. It’s a simple method, really. You place the pile of pebbles to your right and just listen to the sound of the bell. After it rings, you take one pebble in your hand and breathe slowly. Feel as each inhale becomes deeper, and every exhale longer. Put the stone down and hear as the bell rings once more. This only repeats until you finish all 4 of the pebbles.

But, don’t think that you just hold each stone for naught. Every single pebble holds a certain significance and meaning to help you strengthen your meditation.

Flowers, fresh.

The first pebble lets you see yourself as a beautiful flower—frail and fresh. All of us start this way, as light and care-free creatures made to roam the earth to spread love and optimism. However, growing up does not save us from the vile and vicious world. Many lose their freshness over adulthood and are left to be dry and wilted human beings with nearly no purpose left. Breathe in, you are a flower again. Feel as youth runs through your veins and fills your body with renewed energy. Bloom once again and be the flower you once were.

Mountain, solid.

We all hold mountains inside us. Let the second pebble focus your thoughts on this. Our bodies were born of rock and soil, and we do not break or weather away easily. There may come times that you will weak and shaky, but know that we hold strong, firm and stable souls within us. We are unmovable by negativity, we are as solid as a mountain.

Water, still.

The third pebble tells you that water is in our veins—clear and still. Nowadays, people are bombarded with feelings such as anger, envy and jealousy. These are what make the water unclear and murky. Your eyes cannot see through haziness; let meditation calm you and rid yourself of all the problems that hinder you from thinking clearly. Be still and gentle like water.


Take the final pebble in your hands and think of space. One of the things that we rarely get these days. Unchain yourself from the ties of societal issues and expectations. Gift yourself freedom and space; know that they are to be filled with happiness and joy, nothing more.

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