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Why People Fail in Meditation


1353551132565How many times have you attempted to meditate, only to end up with your thoughts wandering elsewhere? Meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea, I’ll give you that. For many people, the moment they start to meditate, intrusive thoughts come rushing in, rendering the entire meditative experience quite pointless. Others stop themselves in the middle of meditation, because they suddenly remember something they have to do. There are also those who dismiss meditation as nothing more than a gimmick.

While there are several reasons why people do not want to meditate, the people who refuse to do it are often the same ones who understand and acknowledge that there are benefits to it. It’s just that the reason why people fail in meditation is lack of focus. As it happens, focus is essential in meditation, as success is impossible without it.

The benefits of meditation are all around you. In fact, you don’t even have to go far to realize what you stand to gain by integrating meditation in your life.

1.                  Mindfulness meditation can curb your binge-eating habits and reduce obesity. Because of the sense of self-awareness and Natural Presence that meditation brings, you can help set yourself towards the path of disciplined eating habits.

2.                  Meditation has also proven to be effective in decreasing cardiovascular diseases. There is evidence to support that meditation slows down breathing, decreases the blood pressure, and reduces stress levels. It therefore comes as no surprise that meditation can optimize the aging process and make you look more youthful.

3.                  Meditation streamlines your thoughts. Sometimes, we get suffocated in our own sea of thoughts. You can get overloaded with information and dominated with confusing and debilitating thoughts. What meditation does is to ease you back into the moment and bring your mind to the present.

4.                  Meditation will allow yourself to dive deeper into your mind.  Given the several physical and mental benefits of meditation, it’s a wonder why people can’t just sit still for 30 minutes and allow reach deeper within themselves. The truth is that people are always preoccupied with things to do that they forget to take care both of their mind and their body. Once they try to meditate, the self-limiting and destructive thoughts come rushing in. What you can do, instead, is to acknowledge the presence of these painful and limiting thoughts. Recognition is the first step to battling them, and soon, you will find yourself feeling more refreshed and invigorated with daily meditation. It will help to have a journal beside you, to write down any life-altering thought as it comes. Once you pour it out on paper, you can continue meditating.

The challenge is to sit still, focus, and meditate. All it takes is slow but steady progress. In 21 days, you can do it. The question is: are you bold enough to take that leap?

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