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Pleasure and Benefits of Outdoor Meditation


Sometimes, meditation can feel like a chore – another boring task that you have to do repeatedly. When this happens, what do you do?

meditation-at-beach-4.2It is crucial to check the way you feel about meditation from time to time. Before you know it, you end up treating it like an assignment. You realize too late that you have given up in trying. If you find yourself bored with your daily meditation routine, change it.  Small changes like environment make a big difference.  Change your routine just a bit by incorporating other elements, like nature.

Yoga-in-park-1.2Research shows that humans become more positive when they  sync their energy with nature. This is why a lot of monasteries and Ashrams are built in areas close to nature. Often in or near forests, mountains, and lakes. Read on to discover the pleasure of doing meditation outdoors and some tips to help you get started.

yoga-near-lake1.2·        Meditation in gardens and parks

If you live in the city and find it hard to get off the grid, then you may want to consider the next best thing. You can check out your local city gardens and parks where you can find a spot to meditate. Since parks are for exercise and recreation, you will meet others doing the same thing.  All you have to do is to bring a mat and a music player with earphones to block the noise.  Pick a peaceful spot where you can start meditating. This could be the start of a new outdoor meditation routine. It may even inspire you to go explore a little further in forests or mountains for your next session.

walking-meditation-man-3.2·        Walking meditation

This is another form of outdoor meditation but it has more to do with action. Instead of sitting  still,  you experience walking as the focus of your meditation. This type of technique is ideal to do in a quiet beach or near a body of water. The only difference between walking and seated meditation is that you have to keep your eyes open. You have to be aware of your surroundings. This includes the sun, wind, rain, sky, clouds, sounds, and even the people around. One of the advantages of walking meditation is that it’s easier to work into your schedule. You can do it anywhere and anytime.   You can do it while running errands, walking to work and walking for exercise. Have a dog?  Do it twice a day while walking your dog.

meditation-with-earbuds-3.2·        Use meditation aids

If you want to do mediation outdoors and you wish to enhance the overall experience, you can add a few extras.  People who enjoy writing may bring along their journal.  Once you find a spot, you can sit back, look at the wonders around you and reflect. You can empty your thoughts into a journal to clear your mind. Then begin your meditation. The outdoors will clear your thoughts and you can reflect upon it later. Do you enjoy music?  Take some time admiring the splendor of nature while playing soothing music through earbuds.   Listen to the sounds of nature. When you tune-in you will hear birds, insects, leaves rustling and other nature sounds. These additional activities will set your mood and make your meditation more meaningful.

yoga-in-woods-1.2·        Take a nature hike

Doing a destination-oriented hike is also another way to do mediation. Combining meditation and hiking is a powerful combination. As you go further away from everyday distractions you get nearer to your goal. You can choose to do walking meditation when you hike or find a quiet spot to sit. When you breath in become aware of the natural scents around you. Each place in nature has unique sights, sounds and smells. Your worries begin to disappear as you look over the top of the hill or take a walk near a babbling brook. Once you have reached your ideal destination, sit down for a serious session.  Take you meditation to the next level and let go of any remaining negative energy.

yoga-near-stream1.2·        Exercise reflection

When you add reflection in mediation, it can be such a powerful thing. Take some time before or during meditation to ponder about some aspects in your life. Focus completely on those issues. Focused thought in a relaxed state makes you more aware, intuitive and sensitive. Meanwhile, combining reflection with nature might be the most genuine thing you can do. Nature is the perfect avenue to escape the business of your life. It offers you simplicity at its finest. In a tranquil state you can gain a clearer vision of your inner self and the things around you.

woman-meditating-in-garden-3.2·        Create your own outdoor space

If you are  left with no option to visit nature as often as you’d like, consider building your own haven. This is perfect for people with an outdoor space. It might be a small garden patch, a corner of your porch, a balcony or a rooftop of your apartment building. Add natural elements like plants, water fountains, aquariums, chimes and other simulations of nature.  This will give you a taste of how it is to do meditation outdoors without going too far. Although not ideal, it’s an option for people who live in an inclement climate.  It also works well for people with a tight schedule who can’t take time off from work.

meditation-on-balcony-2.2It doesn’t matter if you live in the city where the closest to nature you can get is the small potted plant. There are always alternatives when you really want to do something like meditating outdoors. You can always bring the outdoors in.

yoga-in-mountains-2.2There are many perks of doing meditation outdoors. Not only does it feel more serene but it’s also a change in scenery from your usual meditation spot.  This does not mean that you always have to go to the same nature spot. Mix it up a little.  Woods, park, lake, beach, and mountains all have different natural energies.  Experience all of them if you can.  On vacation at a nice nature spot?  Sieze the opportunity to meditate in a new place.

5-elements-meditation3.2As you explore different environments for meditation, you will discover what resonates for you. We all have different energies.  We all have different comfort places. Find yours and the secrets of the universe will open.

benefits_of_meditation_vector1If you would like to learn more about the benefits of meditation, you will love our article about Health Benefits of Meditation.

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