Meditation Techniques

Power of the mind: A UMass professor finds relief from debilitating headaches …


This interview discusses how a professor with severe headaches found some relief from the pain by using simple mediation techniques. He gradually learned to cope with one of the most common and debilitating causes of pain in the world…headaches. Throbbing, crashing, piercing pain that needed to be treated with strong medicine.

Q: Are there still times when you meditate and find that you’re thinking about the errands you have to do later on? A: Yes, although I meditate daily, I have these experiences all the time. It can be really difficult to focus on meditation in the midst

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Not wanting to get to dependent on medication, this professor decided to incorporate meditation into his daily routine. Within only a few months, he noticed a change in the way he perceived the pain and soon he was able to cope without medication.

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