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A Powerful 30-year Old Meditation Technique to Transform Your Life


1386017127891_light-pulse-meditationSome things just get better with age—and that includes this meditation technique that was originally devised in 1977 and for a while was unknown to the public until recently. Today, it is known as one of the best techniques and is nothing short of transformative and powerful: the 144 Pulse Light Meditation Technique.

What are the benefits of the 144 Light Pulse Meditation Techniques?

It doesn’t have to take long for you to immediate realize the transformative benefits, one of which is to have profound contentment that can last for days. Your subconscious patterns will also finally come to your conscious. If you desire physical and emotional detoxification, this meditation technique is precisely what you need. Ultimately, it will help you focus on productivity and your tasks at hand.

How should you prepare for this technique?

Like most meditation techniques, it is necessary to set the groundwork. It is preferably practiced at night while you are sitting or laying in a comfortable position. You will have to close your eyes and breathe deeply—this will allow you to connect to your center as you disconnect from any distractions around you. This will then allow you to finally start meditating.

How do you practice the technique?

All you need is five minutes before you sleep every night. Throughout this period, imagine yourself floating in space and visualize the area around you wrapped in darkness. The area around you is a gathering of some sort, a “halo” that reverberates and pulsates like a ray of light.

You can then start counting the pulsations of light, until your reach 144. After this, you can take a step back and revel at the experience of light that you have created. Do this at least nightly, until you go for as long as seven days, monthly, and, finally, every day until the end of the year. The more regularly you do this, the more you will feel yourself healed in many levels.

As you go back to earth, you will feel the same pulsations coursing through your body. You can even start counting the pulsations of light within you until you reach 144. Sometimes, you will slip and forget doing this, but do not be discouraged. This happens, but all you have to do is stand back up and pick up your pace again.

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